Hot Tar and Chippings

How Thick is it?
How Long will it
What Colours are Available?
How is it Laid?
Star Plant How Thick

This depends upon the surface that we are laying on, the size of the chippings and how many coats we are laying.  On a concrete drive we would normally use a 6 mm granite chipping.  The heavy roller pushes the chippings into the bitumen forming a 6 mm laying of hot tar and chippings.  If we are laying on a porous or open surface the layer could be up to 20 mm thick depending upon whether we are reinforcing or not.

Star Plant How Long will it Last

This very much depends on where the surface is laid and the type of traffic being driven over it.  On a typical drive where a couple of cars are driven on and off daily, it could last ten years or longer.  On an industrial estate where large vehicles are driven over it all the time, we would expect five years wear.  It depends upon how thick it is laid, how many coats are put on and whether reinforcing is used. 

Star Plant what Colours

We use four main colours - Brighton Bronze, Wilmington White, Grey Granite and Welsh Green Granite.  All our stone comes from inland quarries so the colour will always remain consistent in every load.



The bitumen is heated in a custom-built tanker to 90 degrees before being pumped through a hand lance and sprayed onto the surface.  Chippings are then spread onto the bitumen by hand before being rolled in with a heavy roller.

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