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What Is Hot Tar And Chippings?
Star Plant Chippings

Hot Tar and Chippings is a 'surface dressing' that is as old as English fish and chips - well actually it's a lot older!


The surface is formed by spraying bitumen (or tar) onto the drive, path or car park.  It is then covered in granite or flint chippings and rolled into the tar using a heavy roller.


The bitumen we use is environmentally friendly.  The chippings are granite or flint depending upon the colour required - you can choose from Brighton Bronze, Wilmington White, Cliff Hill Grey, or Green Dolorite.


The surface can be laid over  existing concrete or tarmac or laid directly onto MOT Type 1.

How Does An Order Progress?
Star Plant Road pic

Once making contact with us, we will book an appointment for us to visit the site where we will talk about your requirements, measure up and show you stone samples.  You will then receive a no obligation quotation.


If you would like us to do the work we will book you a date in the diary and keep you informed if there are any changes.


Once we have completed the work, we will post you an invoice.